Access Tools for WordPress on AWS EC2

Overview: Developing with WordPress , when hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), will involve access to the underlying file system, data base and OS. Like any other web application, developing in this environment will require access to the infrastructure upon which WordPress is installed. One of the really valuable features provided by AWS is the …

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An Exploration of Website Creation in 2019

I built this website to experiment with as well as chronicle my experience with and learnings about creating a website in the year 2019. The last time I did this I wrote static pages in HTML. That whole topic is another story.

I will attempt to blog regularly so that this process can be followed in real time for anyone interested. I also hope to create a quick reference for some of the information that took me a while to find. Obviously, given the above, I am no expert on these topics. However, there might be others interested in what I have learned.

I will touch on all aspects of the process, including early decisions and selections. If you are interested in producing a website, Welcome to Larry’s doings! This site should offer helpful information on:

  • website tool
  • website builder
  • hosting services
  • WordPress
  • WordPress multisite
  • WordPress hints
  • Amazon AWS
  • Amazon EC2
  • Bitnami