Web Site Work

This page will track my web site development progress and learnings. I will change it from time to time as I progress and figure out what I am doing.

I will start with a high-level list of what I think my steps are, what my status is on each step.

  • Step one was to pick a tool to start working with. – Status Done
    • I picked WordPress . –This is my first real blog! –pub:8/30/2019
    • I first played with WordPress on WAMP. — I have a how-to blog for this –Published 10/21/2019
  • Step two was to pick a hosting service – Status Done
    • I picked AWS. There is really lots to tell here.
    • My current setup (what you are viewing) is WordPress MultiSite on a t2.micro instance of EC2 routed via Route 53. This is all basically free for 1 year! My first month bill was 52 cents!
    • Published 9/6/2019
  • Step three is to create a couple of web sites. – Status In-progress
    • I am working on two sites. You are looking at one, the other is a reproduction of a club web site. That site includes:
      • Club roster with added member fields
      • Additional data-bases with club assets tracked and displayed to members in a member only area.
      • I am about 1 month into this exercise at this point.
  • Step four will be to add a resource page to this site that would contain all the things I struggled with. This should make this process much quicker for the next person following this path. – Status Not-started
  • Step five will be to investigate backup, restore and migrations. – Status Not-started
    • Right now, I am thinking migration might be a reason to avoid MultiSite!
  • Step six – who knows!
  • Please tell me what you would like to see in future blogs (just comment on one of the blogs!)